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William Lyle

“Through my experience as a volunteer here, I witnessed firsthand the profoundly positive impact that the organization had on its clients, volunteers, and staff alike. The essence of this agency is a collective, collaborative effort which gives a helping hand and a voice to all that it serves. Through The Cambodian Family’s wide array of services, the place helps foster a sense of empowerment and belonging for the residents of Orange County. Adults and children are encouraged to pursue their aspirations and goals and are given opportunities and assistance in doing so. While my work with the youth program focused on teaching music and academic subjects, I believe I learned more from the children than they did from me about things such as leadership, communication, acceptance, understanding, culture, and what it means to serve your community. I could feel the positive impact that the organization had on me and the widened sense of understanding and perception that I gained after my time working there, and it was frankly one of the greatest things I have done in my life. From the after-school youth programs to community health service workshops, employment services, holiday festivities and celebrations, cultural dance performances, guest speakers, and even English and history classes offered by the agency, The Cambodian Family does everything possible in its role of making the world a better place.”



Khristina Kun

“I joined The Cambodian Family my 5th grade year and had stayed in the program till I had graduated high school. Even though I had graduated I like to go back to the program and volunteer my time because I love the place, the people, and the environment! The program has helped me see how important it is to go back to where you come from and give back. Being in the program I feel that my involvement in this program has truly helped me find my identity and helped me grow as a leader. I learned many life lessons and skills that I am happy and eager to use them in life situations. I am an active member in the community and will continue to do/be so. Thank You!”








Chloe and Sophin Zoe Pruong McCreery

“My springboard to success! As a consultant working for the non-profit sector, I know that this is one of the best agencies providing human services to the Orange County community. An alumna of The Cambodian Family’s Youth program, I participated in Cambodian Language and Culture classes, trained in traditional Khmer dance and hip-hop, and learned essential life-skills in the TCF/Campfire Girls program. This involvement was crucial to my development as a 1.5 generation refugee and daughter of parents escaping from a traumatic post-war past.

TCF was a safe haven for myself and other children living in the crime-ridden area of Minnie St. Bishop Manor in southeast Santa Ana during the 1980s-90s. It was a place where we could go to enjoy learning new things and exploring our dual Cambodian-American identities. TCF is a place for building stronger family bonds and creating lasting friendships. I was able to meet many persons from different ethnic backgrounds who became my closest friends. I met leaders who believed in my potential and helped me to explore academically and encouraged me to be creative artistically.

The Cambodian Family helped me to achieve all my goals and become successful. It continues to make an impact on my life. Presently, my daughter benefits from participating in TCF activities. She is growing in her confidence and enjoys the programs. For these reasons, I chose to return as a Volunteer and help the dedicated staff continue the mission to serve our community.”



Bossakara Sokhom

“The Cambodian Family is an inspiring place to volunteer with if you are college students and community members who are passionate about helping those in need. I was a volunteer mentor to one of organization’s youth program students when I was a sophomore in college. As a mentor, I helped my mentee with his homework and came up with activities that would enhance his social and academic skills. I was also able to network with other volunteers and meet other students in the program because of the open space that TCF (The Cambodian Family) provides to their students, staff, and community members. TCF does a great job in preparing you for the volunteering position, and their staff is always there to help you if you need any guidance. Not only that they help their students to succeed, they are always there to help YOU. Being a part of the Cambodian Family literally means that you are a part of the organization’s family and beyond. I was there to be a mentor to my mentee and helped him strengthen his skills, but I was also there to discover my strength and improve on my weaknesses through the help of the students and other great people working there. They also connect you to other programs, networks, and organizations that would help you achieve your goals. When I was a volunteer, TCF staff knew I was passionate about helping the underserved community, so I was invited to other programs within the organization and introduced to other community networks to talk to the clients they serve and meet face-to-face with community leaders (that is another aspect of what make TCF a great nonprofit, because they actually want to know who you are and help you work toward your goals). I was amazed at the positive attitudes that the people in the community have toward the organization and the effort that TCF have in reaching out to those in need. Until today, I am still a part of the organization because of the commitment they have for and the support they give to their students and those who are a part of the community (and the best part is that they have been doing that for more than 30 years!).”


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