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At The Cambodian Family, we pride ourselves in providing the people we serve with the tools necessary to become productive adults in society. Through training and development, we help to build leaders who go on to make positive changes in their community. In order to do this, we collaborate with  community residents, non-profit organizations, public institutions and student organizations on a number of different levels. Learn more about our work below.

Community Engagement

Through funding from The California Endowment, The Cambodian Family is working with local organizations in Santa Ana to help build a healthier community. Part of the work is the engagement of community residents in leadership development.

Civic Engagement

One of the surefire ways to help our clients develop health and well-being in their lives is to help them become naturalized citizens. Over the past 30 years, we have helped hundreds of refugees and immigrants pass their naturalization test. Recently, with funding made possible by The California Endowment, APALC, and Public Law Center, The Cambodian Family has been holding FREE Naturalization Workshops

Leadership Development

Learn more about the Orange County Cambodian American Network (OC-CAN) here.

College Student Support

Over the past few years, The Cambodian Family has connected and worked with several local college student organizations. The collaboration has proven to be mutually beneficial, allowing us to connect our students in our youth program to role models in college via tutoring and college campus tours. In return,

Our recent involvement included the 2011 Khmer Student Coalition Conference at UCLA. Read more here.

Learn more about the Khmer Student Coalition and the Khmer Alumni Association.