A Look at Our Community

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Did you know?

  • Santa Ana is the most difficult urban area in the US in which to live (Source: The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government)
  • The rate of diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke for Cambodians living in America is almost 20x that of the general population. (Source: the Rand Corporation and the Cambodian Health Network Coalition Report)
  • Depression and PTSD are chronic conditions which are known to associate with poor health outcomes. Our community members between the ages of 45-65 have at least 5 chronic diseases. This rate is 10x higher than the general population.
  • 83% of students in Santa Ana receive free and reduced lunch, making it the district with the highest percentage in the County, suggesting that many households live at below the poverty level (Source: 15th Annual Report on the Conditions of Children in Orange County)

What We’re DOing About It

  • In the past years, we served 165 youths and parents with our high school graduates going on to pursue higher education at UCB, UCSD, UCSC, and CSUF.
  • Last year, 4,550 health services were provided to 623 clients.
  • Every month, we distribute over 2000 lbs. of food through the Community Action Partnership of OC.
  • Over 100 adults have studied in our ESL class, sponsored by Santa Ana College.
  • The past two years, we have helped over 130 individuals with their naturalization application.
  • 653 chronic and infectious disease screenings were provided to 261 patients.
  • 73 Cultural Competency Training sessions were provided to 126 medical providers, registered nurses, public health nurses and students, and health educators.
  • 32 Healthy Changes Partnership Organizations in Orange County were developed.