Celebrating our Staff


Over the past two decades, The California Wellness Foundation has awarded its California Peace Prize to honor the work of community peacemakers from across the state. Their drive, commitment and vision have yielded solutions proving that violence against youth is not inevitable, but preventable. The Foundation is proud to celebrate the work of these 60 heroes who have shown us ways to save lives using a

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Congrats Class of 2013!

Pathway to Success

This mural welcomed our students for close to thirty years at our old building on Wakeham. It encourages our youth to make positive choices for themselves. For over 32 years, The Cambodian Family has helped thousands of Orange County’s most vulnerable members of society achieve greater health, knowledge, success, and happiness. Our success is largely due to the partnerships we have with our funders,

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Walk United With Our Team


Walk With Us Orange County United Way is a proud supporter of the Youth Program at The Cambodian Family. Through their support, we are able to achieve our mission of helping youth develop their vision for the future and turn their vision into reality. The Cambodian Family will be joining Orange County United Way in this year’s Walk United 2013 event at Angels Stadium. Read

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

walking club

A Healthy Mind is as Important as a Healthy Body Just like your body, your mind needs some TLC. Managing your mental well-being can lead to a more successful and productive life. When we talk about “mental health,” people often associate the term to something negative. Because of the stigma behind the term, being labeled mentally ill can lead to being ostracized and getting treated

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