Orange County Cambodian American Network


To promote social equity within the Cambodian-American Community of Orange County, California by bringing together community leaders, professionals, and students to network, support, and empower one another and to discuss, debate, and educate one another on policy issues that have an impact on the community.

About Us

OC-CAN was formerly known as 4C-OCC (Cambodian Complete Count Committee of Orange County, CA). The Committee started as a campaign effort to engage the Cambodian American community of Orange County in the 2010 Census. The committee consisted of members of 2010 Census Group, The Cambodian Family, Indochinese Muslim Refugee Association of The United States (now Indochinese Islamic Center (ICIC)), Cambodian Student Association at CSUF, Cambodian Awareness Organization at UCI, and community residents and leaders. Today, our group has expanded and opened doors to those from LA County who share the same mission and vision

As a committee, we have achieved many successes, some of which include:

  • 2010 Census outreach in Orange County
  • Cambodian New Year Celebration featuring cultural performances, food, and fun activities for the family
  • Video Campaigns
  • Kaboom Playground Project at Bishop Manor
  • Networking
    • Provide extras for the cast and crew in the Paulina Film, especially in needed areas
    • Reconnect with the Indochinese Islamic Center (ICIC) in Santa Ana
    • Reestablish relationship with Long Beach partners such as Cam-CC à Perform at El DoradoPark, Tickets sold in OC at TCF, Members become part of working committee
    • Some members realize their goals and work towards it
    • Khmer Student Coalition Conference 2012 at CSUF CSA as volunteers and workshop leaders
    • Citizenship Workshop as volunteers
    • Cambodian Student Culture Nights at UCI, CSUF, CSULB, and UCLA as guests
    • Support Fundraising Events via attendance and or sponsorship
  • Support
    • Attend each other’s functions i.e. NAMI Walks
    • Provide a safe space for dialogue
    • Leverage each other’s resources
    • Encourage one another to achieve our goals
    • Building friendships

    • Enjoying good food and good company
  • Empower
    • Develop a greater sense of unity and synergy (positive energy flow)
    • More aware of the issues and the work in each other’s community
    • Bridge cultural and generational gaps

    • Sharing our expertise with one another
  • Discuss, Debate, and Educate Topics
    • Strengths and Weaknesses in Cambodian community
    • Generation Gap: language, age, culture
    • Community
    • Moving Forward
    • Leadership Style
    • Identity

    • Lack of unity

What We Do

As a group, OC-CAN has met on a monthly basis to discuss issues relevant to the Cambodian American community. Together we have developed a plan to improve ourselves and our community.

  • Phase I: Knowing ourselves and our communities – Done
  • Phase II: Leadership Training and Development – Done

    • Mission and Vision
    • Passion and Compassion
    • Charismatic and Daring
    • Communication
    • Persistent, Integrity, and Discipline
    • Resourcefulness and Collaboration
  • Phase III: Working together as a group to affect change through policy and action – In Progress

Meet the Group

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